The Banking Hall

The Executive Conference Room

The Gateway Room

The Bently Reserve is known for hosting upscale weddings and events as well as high-tech conferences and meetings. It is formerly known as the Old Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Building.

Designed by celebrated architect George W. Kelham and completed in 1924, the building features a massive Ionic colonnade, a lavish temple-style banking hall, and the original vault. It also contains a historic mural by Jules Guerin, the artist who created the color palette for the 1915 World’s Fair. The Old Federal Reserve was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

After purchasing the building, owner Bently Holdings began a massive renovation: special attention was paid to preserving the unique Beux-Arts style of the building while applying modern technologies and sustainable design.

The building received LEED Silver CS certification in December 2009, making the Bently Reserve both an example of eco-friendly technology as well as an important landmark building.